Changers is a leadership consultancy founded by Nataliya Popovych and Oksana Semenyuk.
Changers is a part of One Philosophy Group of Companies.
Changers consult organizations in both corporate and public sector, focusing on Leadership Development, Integrated Talent Management, HR Function Development, Organizational Culture and Engagement, Change and Transformation.

For details, please contact
33, Petra Sahaidachnoho st, Kyiv, 04070
+38 044 4952960

WHY do we exist 

In the heart of CHANGERS is the mission to inspire to make a difference.
We help transform the mindset of individuals and organizations; strengthen organizational identities with muscles of innovation and creativity; bring comfort and optimism to painful changes in organizations through devising of powerful corporate cultures; coach and lead the management to inspire for growth and creating a legacy.

Growing Clients 

Ukrainian Leadership Academy
UCMC Reform of State Communications Initiative
Parliament of Ukraine

Where we have spoken 

Lviv Business School
Kyiv School of Economics
Kyiv Mohyla Business School
CIPR Internationl (London)
NATO Strategic Communications Summit (Croatia)
Adam Smith Ukraine Investment Summit (London)
Chatham House (London)
Henri Jackson Society – UK Parliament (London)
The Ukrainian Institute (London)

Who we are 

NATALIYA POPOVYCH is an international communications expert and civic activist, President of One Philosophy Group of Companies, one of the leading communications consultancies in the CIS market. Nataliya is also a co-founder of Ukraine Crisis Media Center in Ukraine. With over twenty years of working in Ukraine, the USA and the Russian Federation, Nataliya brings to the table a significant cross-cultural management experience and expertise in safeguarding reputations of clients in the emerging markets as well as promoting territories in the international arena.


OKSANA SEMENYUK is an award winning, internationally recognized HR professional with more than 20 years of experience in Ukraine and globally in Human Resources, Leadership and Talent Development in one of the biggest multinationals across multiple geographies. Oksana is a strategic thinker with vigorous drive, energy and will to succeed. Her mission is to motivate and help leaders and HR to achieve their fullest potential in developing their teams and inspiring them for growth.